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Invoice Audit

Frequently changing regulatory rules, laws, and taxes make telecommunication billing very complex. TMC Refund Consulting Corp will review your contracts with your telecommunication providers and then analyze your invoices for errors and identify where and to what degree hidden costs are cutting into your profits. We typically can put these errors into five categories: 

  • Contract compliance - Do your charges match up to what you agreed to contractually?
  • Tariff compliance - Do your charges match up to what is mandated by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) and your state government?
  • Unauthorized billing - Is there any unauthorized third party billing?
  • Tax and surcharges - Are taxes and surcharges being charged at the correct rates? Are you paying tax on services that should be exempt?
  • Non-Working Services - Are you paying for services that are not physically working?

TMC Refund Consulting Corp works directly with your providers and taxing authorities on your behalf with very minimal use of your internal resources. We are compensated on a contingency basis. We only get paid for successful refunds and/or savings.

Future Savings

Begin saving money on your telecommunication invoices in the future with our help. TMC Refund Consulting Corp will provide recommendations on how you can save money by reviewing the current service plan to ensure you are being charged optimal rates and that you are not being charged for redundancies or unused lines. We will also ensure there are proper tax exempt filings in place. Our team will work hard to ensure future invoices reflect savings from our approved recommendations.

Inventory Audit

What services do you have? Do they all work? Often companies, with any type of longevity, have services that they are being invoiced for which they don't use or that don't even work. We will do an audit of all services you are being invoiced for ensuring that they are used and working.

Contract Recommendations

How does a company prevent being overcharged in the future? Although there is no way to guarantee this 100%, we will review your current telecommunication contracts and recommend to you changes that will help to protect from time frame clauses. Time frame clauses are used by telecommunication companies to prevent you from being able to reclaim money that you were overcharged. It has been the trend of telecommunication companies to add these clauses to contracts overriding the state and federal time frames to reclaim monies for overcharged services.

Getting Your Refund

Refunds are received directly from your telecommunication provider by check or by applying a credit to your invoices. We will stay on top of the telecommunication companies to make sure you either receive a check or the correct credit has been applied to your invoice. Documentation of the received check or the credited invoice will be provided to you. All fees for our services come right from the money refunded. If we review your invoices and contracts and find no discrepancies, there will be absolutely no fee for our services.